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while Rose was living in London


1970s bombs in London and environs (adapted from Wikipedia...)


1971, 12 January: Two bombs exploded at the house of government minister Robert Carr. The Bomb Squad was established at Scotland Yard in January 1971 to target the perpetrators.


1971, 31 October: A bomb exploded in the Post Office Tower in London causing extensive damage but no injuries.


1972, 22 February: A car bomb at Aldershot British Army base, killed seven civilian staff.


1972, 19 September: The group Black September posted a letter bomb to the Israeli embassy in London killing an Israeli diplomat. 


1973, 8 March:  Four car bombs were planted in London.  Two exploded outside the Old Bailey and the Ministry of Agriculture, injuring dozens. The bombs outside New Scotland Yard and an army recruitment office near Whitehall were defused.


1973, 10 September: Two bombs were exploded, one at London's King Cross and one at Euston station, injuring 21 people. 



1973, 18 December: A car bomb exploded outside the Home Office building in Westminster, London, injuring 60 people.


1974, 17 June: A bomb exploded at the Houses of Parliament causing extensive damage and injuring 11 people. 


1974 17 July: A bomb exploded in the Tower of London, killing one and injuring 41.


1974, 5 October:  Bombs exploded in two pubs frequented by off-duty British military personnel in Guildford, Surrey. Four soldiers and a civilian were killed and 44 injured.

1974, 22 October: A bomb exploded in Brooks' gentleman's club in London, injuring three people. 


1974, 7 November: A bomb exploded in a pub frequented by British military personnel in Woolwich, London, killing a soldier and a civilian.


1975, 27 August: A bomb exploded in a pub frequented by British military personnel in Caterham, Surrey, injuring 33.


 1975, 5 September: A bomb exploded in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel, London, killing two people and injuring 63.


1975, 9 October: A bomb exploded by Green Park tube station in London, killing one.



1975, 18 November: A bomb was thrown into Walton's restaurant in London, killing two people and injuring 23.


1975, 27 November: Political activist and television personality Ross McWhirter was assassinated in Enfield Town, London. 


1975, 20 December: Biddy Mulligan's pub in Kilburn, London was bombed and five people were injured. 


1976, 4 March: A bomb exploded in an empty train at Cannon St. Station in London, injuring eight.


1976, 15 March: A bomb exploded on a train at West Ham Staion in London, injuring seven. The bomber then shot two people while fleeing, killing one.


1976, 27 March: A bomb exploded at Olympia, London, killing one and injuring over 80 people.


Source: Wikipedia, adapted according to the https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/