Extract from Keith Wells, 1984, The Last WIZR Book


pp.38-39, which gives a flavour of winemaking in Kuwait!


Keith is visiting George at his home...


"Well, look, er, how about a drink?"

"What have you got?" I asked.

"Well, it's a straight choice between Chateau Hawalli Rouge, or the dry, white Hawalli Sauterne."

"I'll try the sauterne , please."

George produced a bottle from the fridge, poured out two glasses and handed one to me with a proud smile.  I took one sip and every drop of saliva in my throat sort of curdled, my tongue tried to escape between my teeth and tears came to my eyes.

"It IS rather dry, isn't it." I croaked.

"Bloody awful," George agreed affably.

"But the red's worse. I just don't seem to ever get the hang of all these recipes.  I'm not very good at practical things. "