From Coal To Sand

Rose discusses Blue On Blue on The Spotlight Network.

The first known victim of blue on blue, or friendly fire, Terry Lloyd (RIP)


(Source: Wikipedia, downloaded 5/14/2017)


Terence Ellis Lloyd (21/9/52-22/3/03) was an English TV journalist who reported extensively from the Middle East. In 1988 he broke the news that Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons in Halabja, killing 5,000 Kurds. He was killed by the US military while covering the 2003 invasion of Iraq for UK’s... (read more)

Arabs watch Saddam’s demise in disbelief, by Lucy Fielder (edited)


Source:  Yahoo! News downloaded 9/4/03


Cairo (Reuters):  Arabs watched in disbelief on Wednesday as Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, described by one Moroccan as the... (Read more)


Opening the Doors:  Intellectual Life and Academic Conditions in Post-War Baghdad


Photograph from the report by the Iraqi Observatory, 15 July 2003