The Fault Between Us

Extract from Keith Wells, 1984, The Last WIZR Book


pp.38-39, which gives a flavour of winemaking in Kuwait!


Keith is visiting George at his home...


"Well, look, er, how about a drink?"

"What have you got?" I asked.

"Well, it's a straight choice between Chateau Hawalli Rouge, or the... (read more)

Dhow Building




In the [Arabian] Gulf the timber that was best suited to shipbuilding was always scarce and shipwrights needed good timber in order to build larger shows.  The Malabar coastal region [south western coast of India] however, has a wealth of forests that produce a large variety of different species  (read more)

Kuwait Towers 


A group of three slender towers that symbolizes Kuwait’s economic resurgence in the 1960s and 70s.  They are a world cultural as well as touristic landmark. Standing on a promontory into the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait towers were officially inaugurated in... (read more)

Extract from Keith Wells, Kuwait: A Personal View


Adapted from pp 10-11 and p.23.



Kuwait's history has been shaped by two geographical factors, the desert and the sea, which led to two different types of Kuwaiti, the desert bedouin and the town-dwelling seafarer, fisherman, pearl diver or... (read more)